Who are these people?

We are a San Francisco startup founded by local I.T. engineers and developers. We are Linux nerds and Microsoft geeks who truly love technology.

We are “space” guys, not “tab” guys. Some of us, and we’re looking at you, Steve, speak Klingon. We have an office dog who loves tacos.

SFITE exists to make it easy for a corporation, partnership or individual to “hire out” their IT break/fix or development services by the hour or by the project, with no commitments. Our engineers and technicians are all M.C.S.E. and A+ certified and our direct service model allows us to undercut industry standard rates significantly. There is no boss to get a cut, so we charge less and make the same. It just makes sense.

Consultations and quotes are always free and can be via Skype, Remote Desktop or or mobile app. We are available 24/7 and there is an engineer on call at all times.